“Steve Jones knows a thing or two. Listen and take notes.”

- Gene Simmons of KISS


“Rock stars are larger than life, full of emotion and sex appeal, compelling us to become fans and spend money (lots of money). Chock full of modern examples of success, Steve shows you how to use proven rock star techniques in your business, making you a hit in your marketplace. But be careful because you'll need to learn how to deal with groupies!”

- David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of Real-Time Marketing & PR and the new hit book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead


“Everybody has something to sell... whether it be a product or a personality.  What can you do to make your brand more famous?  More mysterious?  More NOTORIOUS?  Steve Jones’ book Brand Like A Rock Star gives you the insight of a Rock N Roll veteran.  Read it, and your brand just might go from Milk Toast to Tiger’s Blood.”

Alice Cooper 


"You only thought that adult responsibility took you away from rock and roll. But even if you traded your dreams of fame and fortune for the Fortune 500, Steve Jones shows that you can still 'Brand Like A Rock Star.'

- Sean Ross, Editor, the Ross On Radio Newsletter


“Steve Jones has a firm grasp of the importance of branding.  His insight into this important field is well illustrated in this fascinating book.”

- Phil Carson, signed both AC/DC and Twisted Sister to Atlantic Records.  He currently manages Foreigner and Dee Snider.


“Steve captured the mysteries of marketing with this analogous book. Who rises and crashes, rebrands and relaunches, more than a legendary rock star? Steve is brilliant and so is this book.”

- Mike McVay, President of McVay Media and McVay Syndication


“With each page, Steve Jones shares the strategies that turned garage bands into rock stars, and helps you apply them directly to your business."

- John Warrillow, author Built To Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You